Is too much dreaming holding you back?

stay in present

In my opinion, the present is the only place your dreams can become a reality.   It is where you actually DO the things that move you forward.

Are you a procrastinator? That prevents you from making progress. It can drain your energy and weigh you down since it’s on your mind. Often fear (acronym – author unknown – was said to be F=False / E=Evidence / A = Appearing / R=Real)  is one possible cause as well as doubting your abilities to do the task at hand. If the task seems daunting, take small bites out of it – do a little each day. Guess what? It will then get completed. How will you feel then? Go to that feeling initially and get it done.

Og Mandino (author of The Greatest Salesman in the World) said “I will be the master of my emotions”. When you live in the present and are aware of your thoughts and which ones will serve you, better choices can happen. You need to be in the present to go there.

I believe having a structure to get things accomplished will serve you.  Pick a time of the day where you will work on something you might find distasteful. Often accomplishing it first thing in the morning is advantageous since the rest of the day is then “gravy”. Allow roughly one hour and determine how many days need to be set aside for your project. Get moving!  You can do this!

I venture to say your self-esteem can increase as you realize you can and take on different and difficult tasks more effectively.


Are your goals SMART?

goals and success

S-M-A-R-T Goals: Bringing Clarity to Each Goal

Sure many companies make goals, but are they:
•S – Specific
•M – Measurable
•A – Attainable/Actionable
•R – Relevant
•T – Timely/Time Based

According to Wikipedia, a specific goal will usually answer the five “W” questions:
• What: What do I want to accomplish?
• Why: Specific reasons, purpose or benefits of accomplishing the goal.
• Who: Who is involved?
• Where: Identify a location.
• Which: Identify requirements and constraints.

You should have a way to measure progress towards realizing your goal. Then you see if you are moving towards the attainment of the goal, keeps you motivated and focused.
A measurable goal usually answers questions such as:
• How much?
• How many?
• How will I know when it is accomplished?

You want realistic goals that can be obtained. Make them goals that are important to you. A goal that is attainable will usually answer the question, How… can the goal be accomplished

Your goal has to be one that is important to reach. Relevant goals (when met) drive the team, department, and organization forward. A goal that supports or is in alignment with other goals would be considered a relevant goal.
A goal that is relevant goal, can answer yes to these questions:
• Does this seem worthwhile?
• Is this the right time?
• Does this match our other efforts/needs?
• Are you the right person?
• Is this acceptable for correction?

T–ime Based
Commit to a deadline. Don’t allow excuses that other things get in the way. There will always be daily issues but don’t allow them to get in the way of accomplishing the steps needed to reach your goal.
A time-based goal will usually answer the question:
• When?
• What can I do six months from now?
• What can I do six weeks from now?
• What can I do today?
S-M-A-R-T goals will serve you well in your business – no matter what industry you are in.

Have you used them or not? Please write your thoughts, questions and comments below. I will respond.