You are never too old for a story!


After you called someone who was referred to you or gave you permission to contact them through social media (steer away from cold calls please), you describe what your company does and offer proof to your claims. One of the best and easiest ways to do this is through telling a story of how your company helped someone in a similar business to the person you called.  You want powerful results you can report.

What do you say? How do you organize it?  Keith Eades in The New Solution Selling  suggests telling a brief story describing the issue you tackled for a company like theirs, what was needed (which you provide) and the result obtained.

You want your prospect to admit pain. People buy more and faster due to pain than pleasure. You can pursue pleasure but solving pain is something acted upon immediately if framed in the correct way.  From here, write up for yourself ways to respond to the various common problems admitted by the prospect.  If you are prepared and wrote something powerful you can utilize when speaking, you have a chance at another phone call or in-person meeting.

Remember you must be interested in them and their company. It is often said that we do business with people we like, trust and respect”. Be that to your prospects and develop a relationship where they will stay with you long term.

Please write your comments below and what worked for you to get that initial appointment.

Do customers pay attention or ignore you?


Customers want to hear about the benefits of working with you not have you try to sell your products or services. How do you give value rather than sell?

Really listen to others and do whatever you can to improve their personal and professional life. Be a positive person, point them in the right direction, help them achieve their goals and possibly be their mentor.

Many people come to a prospective sales call wanting to sell something. What can you do to lighten their burdens, reduce their challenges and enlist the help they need to move forward? I spoke in other posts about building rapport. Search “rapport” on my blog and pick up some tips there too.

If you are seen as a giver rather than a taker or salesperson, more will come to you personally and professionally. Rather than expect it, be thankful when it happens.

Please let me know below how you have been a giver.


What do you think the first part of the sales cycle is in any business?


The first step to the sale is establishing rapport. That goes beyond “Hi, how are you?” You will close more sales if you truly focus on the first two steps “big time”.

Depending on which person you are listening to, they will have some variation of the following 7 steps to every sale.

Every company needs training on establishing rapport. Many think by saying “hello, how are you?” rapport was reached. Actually, I do not suggest even saying that to someone you don’t know on the phone. It labels you as a salesperson. They know you don’t really care much anyhow if you don’t know them. To establish rapport, you need to go deeper. By looking at their “about” page on their website, you will often find personal information which can referenced. This can include family, number of children, geographic location and interests (perhaps soccer). This gives you a way to establish a relationship.

(By the way, if they rush you, you can say-  “I see you are busy right now. When would be a good time to call back for about a 15-20 minute conversation which can result in your company —- (decreasing costs, increasing revenue – list a couple of benefits of working with you”)?

One way to establish rapport is ask powerful questions. Find common areas of interest and say “tell me more about that”.
Be entertaining. Enjoy your calls. They will feel it. When necessary and possible, demonstrate that you understand because you share a similar experience. Show you truly understand.

Many companies and/or individual business owners keep a database with personal information. Go a step further and even if you don’t do business together at this time, send them articles and jokes you feel might be of interest. They could end up referring you to others as well because you are such an easy person to speak with and the relationship is an important part of how you do business and their feelings towards you. Being highly competent in your field is vital as well.

Rapport building should be practiced. I role play this vital step with my clients. You will close more sales when you start with a strong, solid rapport step with your prospects/clients.

What’s worked for you? Anything backfire? We learn from our mistakes as well. Please share your tips on establishing rapport. Be sure to “follow” my blog so you get the other steps.