Do you know how to get your clients or prospects attention and go that extra mile?


Most business owners send cards or gifts during Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/or other religious holiday events. It’s a time where it can go unnoticed since they are being contacted by many.  I suggest you consider Thanksgiving or other holidays so you stand out and get noticed.

Make a plan and work your plan. Make a yearly calendar. Each month, write a holiday down or way to give your prospect or customer something special (article, newsletter, complimentary time with you-alternate who will get the time if your availability is limited and there are many to contact). Of course, the way you write up this offer to make it exciting and a must-have experience is vital. You want to get interest and make it a must-have experience with a limited time offer so they go into action soon.

I suggest putting a value on this consultation (worth $___), tell them what will be accomplished (within 15 minutes, you will ______, and expiration date. It’s good to test things. So send this out to about 10 people and see how many responses you get. Often, you need to follow-up by phone call or email since people are busy.

When a call goes well and you want to extend the conversation or deepen the relationship, how would you do it? You will want a budget for this strategy. For example, what do you do to make a good impression on a potential customer?  You can send flowers if appropriate, invite them to a meal (or a lunch and learn session where you provide a simple lunch and present a problem they are having in their business – not sell- and give valuable information about how to solve it. You mention your company at the end and first ask permission to present info about your company which might serve them.  Make that much shorter than the overall discussion.  This needs to be done expertly. I do this with my clients.

Let me know below how you would handle this opportunity. I will give you some pointers.

Do you know powerful ways to keep in touch with your prospects or customers?

speaking on phone

Certainly, the phone is one way to keep in touch. The old-fashioned way often gets more attention. Make a plan, work the plan.

Tim Templeton in “The Referral of a Lifetime” discusses sending a card, letter or personalized newsletter (alternating which one you use) during each month of the year.  For example: For January, send a New Year’s card rather than being one of many sending holiday cards. In February, you might send some information of value given only to a select few (let them know that).  In March, you might forward a newsletter. Make it about them & their needs, not about you. Certainly, it should have your contact information on the bottom. People don’t need to be sold. They want to know you are there to solve a pressing problem for them. You might have heard, people buy more from pain than pleasure. So think about your ideal clients’ pressing initial problem. Then what is the next problem stemming from solving the first one, etc.?

If you have employees, give them an appreciation budget for small gifts or when possible, meetings during a meal. Let them know you are here to help and to let you know when they are having a problem that stumps them. Even if you are not in that field, you can probably refer them to others.  Be sure to give superior service once they are your customer. Then you could keep them for life!

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Staying in touch with prospects or customers can be enjoyable (automate it whenever possible).  You want to serve them in a specific way. Isn’t that the reason you went into the field? Yes, you deserve to make a profit as well. You are in business. Make certain your contacts are well-served. They deserve it.

Please let me know what you have found helpful. I will respond.






Doing the same old thing next year?

Happy New Year

What piece was missing in 2015? Most small business owners leave a lot of money on the table. How?  They don’t follow up consistently.  I hear too often– “well, I don’t like to annoy people”. That’s true. So what can you give them to stimulate interest and curiosity about your products and services?

The place to start is an initial letter (better if it is mailed rather than emailed).  Discuss the problems your clients have ((about 3 bullet points). Then state you helped them solve these issues.  If they want to hear how, they should give you a call.

Chances are you will need to do a follow-up call. If you do not speak on the phone, write a similar letter stating if they experience a problem like the ones you described or want to discuss another one, to contact you.

Next follow ups include articles that could be of interest, jokes, etc.
When you make the contact, following a business strategy so you don’t cause stress in the discussion is vital.  If you want to learn more and you send me information about your challenges, business and let me know what you’re looking to achieve, we can see if a phone call between us would be beneficial.

Here’s to a bigger, more successful, less stressful 2016.

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Do you know how much more it costs to get a new client vs. selling something additional to a current one?

woman typing
…Actually – it is six times more expensive to get a new client or customer.

Your clients are exposed to a tremendous amount of ads. When this occurs, they forget the other services you offer and can go elsewhere? So then you need to keep getting new clients/customers.

Once the original sale is finalized, you need to keep contacting him/her. Remember – out of sight, out of mind. So how do you achieve this without becoming intrusive or “bothering” them?

In a previous post, I mentioned questions you could ask so you keep in touch with them. You must bond with your client. (I only take clients I enjoy, so bonding is not a problem. Then, I do my best work and the client is thrilled.).

You must have a systematized way to make this happen. By educating them, becoming their trusted adviser, they think of you first. You want to discover their pain and find ways to solve it within your area of expertise (or refer them to someone excellent who can do so and then they will “thank you”).

Be sure to understand your client deeply, be a call they want to take and send them such things as cards, letters, articles of interest, and gifts. If you are a business-to-consumer, retail type of business, explore special possibilities for them (exclusive sales/educational based marketing event -see my other posts for information – and incentives for giving your referrals). Business to business companies can do similar things.

What should you do first? Send them a letter including something personal (example: I enjoyed that story about your son. I have a similar one I’d like to share). Also, compliment them and mention their challenges and how you what you offer can serve them (don’t sell – go from WIIFM = what’s in it for them).

Then complete the letter with a personal touch (example: It was wonderful speaking with you. I have some additional thoughts to move your forward. I will call you soon to discuss them — make sure you do!).

Stay tuned…I will re-visit this topic again. “Follow” my blog so you don’t miss any tips.

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Is your follow up non-existent or failing?

follow up

Per Chet Holmes, “The Ultimate Sales Machine” author, during your sales process you should be gathering personal and professional information which will assist you in connecting with your client during the follow-up phase (whether they purchase from you or not).

What questions could you ask to get  helpful responses for the sale and follow-up?

Some of them include…

-What could you do to help your clients meet their stated goals?

-What are your greatest business challenges? How can you help them achieve solutions in these areas?

-Discuss their pain point or why they would buy from you (or continue the relationship)?

-What objections do they have (make sure to have responses to the common ones beforehand)?

-Record – What was effective in getting the sale (so you can utilize that strategy later (if appropriate)?

What questions help you gather information which can help provide additional value to your prospect when you follow up? I would appreciate your thoughts and comments below.