Traditional marketing doesn’t work

traditional garb.JPG

Traditional clothing can be beautiful. Traditional marketing doesn’t work any more. So what’s your key to business success? Ah, if only you knew which strategy would help you reach your goals. I suggest one now –  educational based marketing.

What makes this strategy different? You get the attention of potential prospects, keep their interest, and then lead them to the benefits of your product or service with the need to buy from you…and…now…is the difference.

Chet Holmes, discusses this in his best-selling book, The Ultimate Sales Machine. He correctly states “you will attract way more buyers if you are offering to teach them something of value than you will ever attract by simply trying to sell them your product or service”.

You say, I already educate my clients! I’m sure you do. The internet is full of articles discussing content marketing and providing an education. However, you need to know given the large amount of advertising people are exposed to each day, they will tune out your message! Oh, no – a message you spent a lot of money and effort on? Say it’s not so? Well, do it correctly and you have a tremendous advantage over your competitors. Where do you begin?

Start with a powerful title. Do you think people buy faster because of pain or pleasure? It’s pain. People will want to avoid pain. Pleasure is wonderful but often can be put off. There is a place for a pleasure title – when they are purchasing your program later.

At this point, your title should:
-make them feel you are talking directly to them by using the name of a specific group they are part of (example: young mothers)
-you need to discuss the problem you are going to solve (it’s related to them –not your business-eventually you need to learn how to sell down to you though).
-give the number of points you will cover (example: 3 of the biggest mistakes ____make that _____).

Yes, it is certainly helpful to get additional insights when you are putting this together. Feel free to write some questions/comments below to get this conversation started.


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