What’s next to grow my business?


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I keep getting asked what do I do next?  It can be difficult to know what business strategy to utilize next unless you get guidance from a coach and listen to your prospects for cues.

When you have an initial discussion, hear what is said/not said. How do you do the latter? Hear hesitations, pauses and vocal changes. They are clues to what lies beneath what is verbalized.

Step in to their world. See things from their perspective. More importantly, ask insightful questions which show you are listening. Once rapport is established, ask what is their biggest business challenge? Find out what was done to solve this challenge? See if it is something you can address. If you are not the appropriate person to work on the challenge, refer them to a trusted source and/or ask what other challenges are holding them back from getting where they want to go?

When you have a good understanding, find out what it is costing them professionally and personally to not address this issue. Keep checking on your understanding of what was said to make certain you are on the same page.

Discover what it will take to solve the problem. Ask if you can offer a few ideas (don’t spell it out too much just label it – for example, need a referral program). Put a dollar amount on what the resolution of this business challenge will realize monetarily (and personally) for them.

This is the outline for a discussion. More in-depth questions are needed. Contact me to see if what you need and my capabilities would be helpful for you. Fill out the contact form at my website –http://www.leapsandboundscoaching.com . It could be the most important note you write this year.

Until then, please leave your thoughts/comments here. I will respond.


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