Not closing enough sales?

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Here’s some tips that might be helpful:

-Often if you ask questions that produce a “yes” response” about five times that will continue as you move into their purchasing.

-Be sure to delve into what is standing in their way of using a different company to work with? Does the current one give you the ROI you expected? Do they respond quickly to your questions and serve you well?

-Determine what their greatest desire is concerning a product or service such as yours.

-Chet Holmes used to say, “Features tell, benefits sell”. What benefits can you provide that solve their issue(s)?

-Often the salesperson doesn’t give the prospect a chance to jump in and purchase. They like to talk too much.

-Get as high in the company’s chain of command as possible to get the proper person who has the authority to make a buying decision.

-Remember, it takes about 12 calls to make a sale – you won’t be a pest if you have a lot to offer and your follow-up emails or calls give additional information (a valuable article, etc.)

-Congratulate your new client on a good decision. Make sure they sign on the dotted line!

Please leave your comments or what worked for you below. Let’s work on what’s holding you back from greater success.


2 thoughts on “Not closing enough sales?

  1. I’m so glad you found this valuable and thanks for your comment, Gina. With those 12 contacts, offer things of value to the customer each time (articles of value, tips, etc.) don’t just sell but build rapport, relationships and show you care. They will become repeat or life-long customers of yours. As they say, people do business with those they like and trust. Be a resource for their problem and they will come. Please let me know if this works for you.


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