How do you solve problems in your business?

solving problems

I am often asked what method I suggest for clients to solve problems proactively?

When working for Chet Holmes, now deceased, he trained us to teach the workshop method to our clients. He discusses it in his bestselling book, The Ultimate Sales Machine.

Workshops help the staff bond as a team as they focus on solutions and ways to improve impact areas (things that impact your bottom line) in your business. Who gets invited to these meetings? It depends on their role in the company and if their presence is valuable. If you are the sole member in your organization, make this a vital part of your schedule at the beginning of the week. The results are profound. Policies and procedures can result from these meetings.

How do you do this? You start out by appointing a member to head the discussion. If the co. is small, the CEO is recommended to start this method. Later, other staff members can run it as well with the CEO in attendance if at all possible. If you run the company by yourself, do it alone or ask a mentor or coach to help. On a whiteboard, put down the question/problem to be addressed. You vote on the top three solutions,  divide what needs to be done among different individuals and set up an implementation plan with deadlines so gains are made. Continue with the workshop as long as needed. Then go on to another problem.

One of the first workshops I ask my clients to address is “what are the top 5 constraints holding your business back from growing?” Each group member writes down all thoughts silently within a few within minutes. Don’t write down repetitions.

This workshop should only take one hour per week at the same time/day each week or bi-weekly at the most (best at the beginning of the week so people do not forget their assigned tasks to reach solution). This is part of working ON your business that should be sacred.

What do you think could be accomplished in your business if you handled problems proactively (in most cases) or reactively at times? The improvements in your business will be astounding.

Please leave your thoughts about doing a workshop in your business below. I will respond


2 thoughts on “How do you solve problems in your business?

  1. Very good article Ellen !! Employees/team members want to be included in solving problems because ultimately whatever is decided impact them as part of the team


    • Thanks for your kind, supportive comments. I am glad the article was valuable. You are right on target, Gina. Employees/team members like being included in the problem solving process which effects them. It increases motivation and desire to follow-through with the solutions since they were a part of resolving a proactive or reactive problem.. Also, they feel more loyal to their company. It was found people do not stay at a job just for the money. Knowing they are important and having a voice in the company is vital to greater happiness and reduces turn-over.

      Thanks for reading my blog and interacting. I always welcome comments.


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