What are the 5 parts to the sales process?


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According to Keith Eades in The New Solution Selling, they are:
1) Define the prospects’ buying process.
Knowing how your prospect buys – not what you sell. You need to adapt your sales process to align with the prospects’ buying process.

2) Define and align your selling with the buyers’ buying steps.
This is vital or you could lose the sale. If you take action and don’t know why or what is the result they want is, your failure rate can exceed 50%.

3) Be aware of the outcomes at each step in the process so the salesperson knows if he/she are on the right track.
Have a measurement such as mailing a letter to the prospect noting they agreed to discuss the offering.

4) Job aids/tools are needed.
Examples could be to script the ROI (return on investment) and ways to answer objections.

5) A system from management that measures the process and makes adjustments if needed to increase the possibility of success.

Certainly, this is an outline of what needs to be done. Fill in the blanks for your business. Let me know below what questions you have and if this or another path works better for you.

Has this been helpful for you?  What sales process do you find useful? Let’s have a conversation below.


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