Have you found business success at the top? What’s holding you back?

success reach the top

Procrastination is one of the primary causes of poor results. One way to get past it is to have a schedule you really stick to and not welcome interruptions.  It is said, plan your day, work your plan.  Put aside blocks of time for certain activities. Combine those you can chunk together, for example, schedule a specific time to make phone calls. If they are prospecting calls, it’s usually best to make them on Wednesday and Thursday (far from one end of the weekend or the other end so people are not playing catch up and have time to speak with you).  If you want to reach the CEO of the company, calling around 8:00 AM or 5:30 PM is advisable. Often the office staff are gone and you can get through to your ideal client.

Chet Holmes, the author of the NY Times bestseller, The Ultimate Sales Machine, discussed reducing interruptions rather than welcoming them. You increase your ability to be more organized and less reactive (and take less – if any – work home to complete at night) if you use what he called, “got-a-minute meetings”.  Send a memo to your staff and inform them not to show up at your door asking if you “got a minute”. The answer will always be “no”. Instead you hold weekly meeting to address questions that can wait (write them down on a pad to bring up at that time) and do workshops in your company (described in a blog post below).  If your question cannot wait for the meeting, write your name on a paper posted on his front door. He takes quick 10-minute meetings to discuss vital, cannot wait issues.  You should come prepared to discuss how you would solve the problem – get empowered.

When you are not interrupted by these “gotta-minute meeting throughout the day, you will be amazed at all you can get done. People honor your time and each other’s as well. Additional staff members can post the same time request sheet on their door. When you are more productive, you can feel like you accomplished something at day’s end, reduce fear and procrastination and say “hello” to being proactive, focused and productive.

Try this out.  What are your thoughts about this strategy? What else worked for you? I will respond to your post.


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