Got a prospect on the phone…what do you say?

phone call

Do you know how to speak with customers?

In a previous post I discussed Keith Eades who in his book, The New Solution Selling, discusses having “business development prompters”. It’s a way to increase interest in your product/service. You can use this in emails, on the phone, personal contact, trade shows, etc. You want to increase curiosity rather than sell.

One of the prompters discussed is for a new business prospect. There is no pressure to buy. It’s wonderful to have them developed so they are specific to the people (example: engineers) and companies you are calling. You start by stating your name, co. and then mention you haven’t spoken previously (ensures the person on the other end is listening rather than  trying to figure out how they know you).

Then you discuss your expertise – for example, you’ve worked with ____(their industry) for the past ___years (if possible). Then state- what I continue to hear from people in this field is _____(difficulty with ____). We help solve this issue. Would you like to know how (then they are curious)?

If they want to talk more extensively, set up a meeting.

What have you done to get an initial appointment? Is this strategy helpful? Please let me hear from you. I will respond.


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