Do you have the keys to success?


As you might have heard, people do business with those they feel they know, like and trust.  Actually, it usually doesn’t matter if your services are more expensive. If they have those feelings about you, you are their new provider of a service or product.

People are more likely to do business with experts? Don’t be concerned if you don’t have a lot of experience. Look at what you’ve done in your life, what you accomplished and have people  give you testimonials concerning those skills – for example: being highly organized, focused, efficient, and/or a time management star will be skills others want together with your offerings. Please don’t make light of those skills. Many are looking for someone just like YOU now.

The most important part of any sale is building rapport.  It’s not just saying, “How are you today?”  I actually don’t suggest those words. They know you are a salesperson and you really don’t want that answer.  If you are on the phone, identify yourself and your company. If you haven’t spoken before state that, so they are not searching their brain for how they know you but listening to you.  Discuss your experience briefly and the top few problems people in their industry are facing.  Then state how you helped and ask it they would like to know more?

Give this a try. Let me know if it works for you or what you found is valuable.


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