Do customers pay attention or ignore you?


Customers want to hear about the benefits of working with you not have you try to sell your products or services. How do you give value rather than sell?

Really listen to others and do whatever you can to improve their personal and professional life. Be a positive person, point them in the right direction, help them achieve their goals and possibly be their mentor.

Many people come to a prospective sales call wanting to sell something. What can you do to lighten their burdens, reduce their challenges and enlist the help they need to move forward? I spoke in other posts about building rapport. Search “rapport” on my blog and pick up some tips there too.

If you are seen as a giver rather than a taker or salesperson, more will come to you personally and professionally. Rather than expect it, be thankful when it happens.

Please let me know below how you have been a giver.



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