How do you attract ideal clients?

business client

Chet Holmes, author of “The Ultimate Sales Machine” said “when best buyers buy, other best buyers buy faster”. Chet discussed how you never lie. Saying such things as “we’re in touch with” can demonstrate calls were made to a certain firm. Your mentioning other top competitors get more interest from people they compete with and demonstrate you are a go-getter. This is especially important when you are starting out or looking to build your business. If you believe your product or service is superior to others, it is your responsibility to help them make a good decision.

You must deliver on the promises you make to your ideal clients. It enables you to get more prospects like them and ask them if they can refer others who would benefit from what you have to offer. Then they are more apt to give you other contacts. You save another company time, money and frustration trying to find a superior company that will serve them well.

Many prospective clients get direct mail and email from firms that purport to be extraordinary. You need to prove yourself. Of course, there are sales and marketing techniques that will help get their attention, allow you stand out amongst the competition and get the business. There are many strategies (long term goals) and tactics (what you do to get to that goal) which will serve you.

How do you do that? What have you tried? Please write below what has or has not worked for you. I will respond.



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