How quickly should you contact a new prospect?

It’s not time to play hard to get! Call them within five minutes of their showing an interest in your product or service. You have more likelihood of reaching him/her too because he/she was at the computer to advise you of their interest.

If you don’t get a response, how often do you follow-up? Most sales people give up after one or two attempts. Research has shown if you make nine attempts, you have about a 90% chance of reaching them.

What is the best time/day to make that initial contact if they are not initiating it? Usually Wednesday or Thursday is best. People are busy after the weekend and are getting things in order the beginning of the week.

It’s helpful if you don’t need to go through an operator too. See if you can get their direct phone number. Using a company that provides you with local phone numbers is helpful too. It’s worked on me! Rather than seeing my caller ID noting an 800 or 866 number, a local one shows up. You are more likely to pick it up thinking it is local business or someone you know.

Please let me know what has worked for you. Let’s have a conversation.


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