Doing the same old thing next year?

Happy New Year

What piece was missing in 2015? Most small business owners leave a lot of money on the table. How?  They don’t follow up consistently.  I hear too often– “well, I don’t like to annoy people”. That’s true. So what can you give them to stimulate interest and curiosity about your products and services?

The place to start is an initial letter (better if it is mailed rather than emailed).  Discuss the problems your clients have ((about 3 bullet points). Then state you helped them solve these issues.  If they want to hear how, they should give you a call.

Chances are you will need to do a follow-up call. If you do not speak on the phone, write a similar letter stating if they experience a problem like the ones you described or want to discuss another one, to contact you.

Next follow ups include articles that could be of interest, jokes, etc.
When you make the contact, following a business strategy so you don’t cause stress in the discussion is vital.  If you want to learn more and you send me information about your challenges, business and let me know what you’re looking to achieve, we can see if a phone call between us would be beneficial.

Here’s to a bigger, more successful, less stressful 2016.

Please let me know your thoughts or send me a message through


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