Does email marketing still work?

email still works
Do you think #Emailmarketing is a thing of the past? It is still time and cost effective.
Reach out to your prospective customers. Send them an email discussing:
-what benefits your company offers to organizations like theirs
-include the number of years you are in business if it’s at least 8-10 years.
-be sure to hit some pain points – examples include: not reaching revenue goals or getting new business
(of course what is written based on the customer)
-if they are unable to make customers’ raving fans
Let them know that you help your customers conquer these challenges. You would like to speak with them
to share some success stories.
Ask them to call you.  However, chances are you will need to follow-up . Research shows most companies stop calling
a prospect after two attempts. It’s been shown that it takes about seven attempts to get them interested in your
products/services.  Having a powerful follow-up program is needed. I help my clients develop it and then let the
auto-responder do some of the work.
Persevere and you can come up on top.
What’s worked for you? Please let me hear your thoughts.

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