Is voice mail killing your business?

Let voice mail be your friend.  You can leave a message that ignites curiosity.  Then your call is much more likely to be returned.

What should you say? I suggest starting with “we haven’t met before” (better if you have someone who referred you to them you can name- builds trust). You say that line so they are not searching their brain for where they met you while you are talking.  “I’ve helped companies just like yours (or whatever is appropriate for you) for __yrs. (state if numerous) and raised their profits ___%. The problems they faced are (state 3 most challenging problems). One of these might be something you are experiencing or is it something else we can discuss? Please call me back soon.  I don’t want you losing more money by your not acting on the strategies we will discuss”,

Of course, explore the problem with them when you speak (you might need to call but you already made contact which is important for name recognition. Discuss what could be done without giving away all your solutions so they feel they don’t need you. They cannot do it alone. YOU are the expert.

Are you ready to get more information so your calls are returned? Contact me by writing a comment or sending a private email.  Looking forward to hearing your thoughts below about this strategy.

happy salesperson


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