What are 5 ways to increase the probability of reaching the boss on the phone?

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Do you want to reach a potential client more successfully?

1-Call immediately when interest is indicated. People “cool off” and your chance of getting them later and keeping their interest diminishes.

2-The average sales person calls a lead about twice before giving up. Research shows that is takes 6-7 contacts to make a conversation happen. Most reps stop much too soon. Afraid you will “bother” them? Not if you continue to develop their interest, curiosity and give value with each message left. A lot of money is left on the table when you don’t follow-up persistently.

3-Franklin Covey found calling between 3:30 and 4PM is helpful. I also learned the boss will often answer the phone if you call between 8-9AM (check their time zone) or after 5PM when office staff is not available and they pick up their own phone.

4- Calling on a Wednesday or Thursday is considered best. The beginning of the work week is too hectic and Friday people are in a weekend frame of mine.

5-Use a local number –people have caller ID and are more likely to pick up the phone when local numbers are used. There are many companies that offer this type of phone service.

As you move forward reaching more of your leads, it’s important to have sales scripts ready with the responses to FAQ’s. That is your next step. I help my clients develop powerful sales scripts that have been tested and are successful. Some ideas are noted on my blog entries.

Please write your comments/thoughts below on what you found helpful in reaching prospects. Try the ones above and let me know your results. I will respond.


4 thoughts on “What are 5 ways to increase the probability of reaching the boss on the phone?

  1. Useful tips! Definitely a problem i often struggled with in my recruiting days. For me, another thing that helped was blocking out time to do marketing calls and just focusing on that one task for a set period. It let me “get in the zone.” if folks are like me and not thrilled by this type of task, knowing it will end helps too! i’d always go in to a call like i would an in-person meeting and try to have background on the company and/or the target individual. Confidence helps (and can be faked! they don’t know you are scared if you dont let them know!).

    I’d follow-up with an email whether or not we connected just so they have my info in case they want to return the call, schedule a chat, or even just happen to think of me weeks later when they have a need I can meet. If I don’t find the boss’s direct email on their site or with a basic name search, I sometimes take a guess since there are a few common “patterns” (ex. first_last@company.com, the first initial followed by the last name or part of it). If you can find another email address for someone at the company, you can copy the pattern…doesn’t always work but worth a little time. One search tip (I got really good at this part!) ]: If you are hitting a wall with the company’s website or only seeing a general address that probably doesm’t get checked by the boss herself, try searching “@company.com” which sometimes lets you find an email address in a more random location like a contact list for a fundraiser or something,

    A couple follow-ups: Do you recommend using a VM script (tailored to the prospect) or going more “natural” and free-flowing? How often do you call to walk that thin line between present and (even with good stuff) a bit annoying?


    • Thanks, Cheryl, for sharing your valuable experience. You have terrific ideas. One would be more successful by utilizing strategies you mentioned. I discuss with my clients blocking out a certain time to make these calls as well. If you only have one hour scheduled, you might put it off. Blocking out 4 hours on certain days makes it more difficult.

      In reference to your question, yes, I suggest using voice mail (VM) scripts. Being prepared and knowing what VM message proved to be more successful than others, in my opinion, is the way to go. You can tailor it to the prospect. Usually you just need to add something about the company or any personal experiences you can discuss which will help develop a relationship quicker. You can glean that information when you view their bio online or search the company.

      In reference to repeated contacts and the concern with being annoying, I find most people respect those who persist. They realize you believe in your product or service and the benefits received. I provide useful information (perhaps attached articles that would be of interest) as well. After about 7 phone calls, most people will pick up the phone and speak with you. If not, just think “next”!

      Having a standardized follow-up program makes this easier. You can develop next steps and put it on a CRM system like Infusion Soft so it goes out automatically until you stop it when you get a response.

      Here’s to greater success to all. Thanks for your comment.


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