Are you no further ahead after spending thousands of dollars going to workshops, seminars and webinars?

Don’t punish yourself! It’s not unusual. Even with the best intentions, you return from those events and fall back into your old habits. How can you stay on track with what you learned?

You need someone to be accountable to and point out your blind spots (things you don’t see – we all have them). As a business growth expert , I do this for my clients. Or get a mentor who will serve you. The person must be highly trained. It certainly is well-worth the investment. The right expert already spent time, energy and money learning things you will be given. She or he already tested them out.

This initial investment, usually comes back to you when you increase productivity and learn how to differentiate yourself amongst the fierce competition. Morale improves as you get more accomplished. Don’t waste more of your time. It’s your strongest asset.

Please write your comments/thoughts below. I would appreciate hearing from you.


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