Are you uncomfortable networking?


For some networkers, it’s difficult to connect with others. Others are more comfortable with it.
If you are not as relaxed, you are not alone. If you have trouble going up to people, often start with a friendly look and smile
and approach them with confidence. This is a good beginning.

People like to talk about themselves. Ask an open-ended question so you can connect and discover commonalities.

Questions could include:
-a simple introduction of yourself but then go right to them
-ask what do you do?
-if the other networker is different from you (age or profession), you could ask their opinion on the event both of you are attending or something in their industry.
-discover why they came to this particular function & what others they find valuable.
-find out if they are a member of the group or visiting.
-find something to compliment them about – be genuine.
-when they ask about you, discuss the benefits of working with you rather than the features of what you sell.
-if interested, exchange business cards and arrange a date to learn more about each other so you might be a referral source.

Chances are you will get more comfortable with networking when you attend more groups. Give yourself a goal – for example, go up to five people and have a conversation like the one above. You could meet some very interesting people and business could result.

Please leave a thought or comment on what has helped you in these situations. I will respond.


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