Do you focus on networking?


Networking is an important function for people owning a small business. Which ones are out there? In The New Solution Selling, Keith Eades discusses just this thing. He suggests you…

1-Contact your current customers. Make sure they are aware of all of your offers so they don’t need to go to someone they don’t know to get an added service you could provide.

2- Get referrals (see my post below on one way to do this effectively). This should be a consistent method of prospecting for you. My clients make thousands of dollars this way.

3-Association meetings are helpful as well. Be more than a participant in the meeting. Be active in the organization that would serve you – and them. People get to know you. It’s said people do business with those they know, like, and trust. Here’s a way to make that happen.

4-Attend social activities. Ask others about themselves. Then they usually ask about you and your business. Social activities have a more relaxed atmosphere where contacts are made.

What activities do you enjoy? Please write a comment. I’d appreciate hearing from you.


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