Are you in a sales slump?

sales funnel
It’s important to get people interested in your product or service. This is a sales function not just marketing. People often want to blame their marketing department.

As you saw in my post below about the buying pyramid, many of your target market are not looking for you now. They need specialized education to realize what you have would be valuable to them. Just asking a few questions like ”are you looking to purchase…”? is not it.

What’s the best way to create interest using pain or pleasure? Pain! People avoid pain so that is paramount. You don’t want to start off a conversation by just jumping in to your products/services. They are being sold to all day and night. They will most likely say, “I’m not interested”. However, solve a real world problem for them, one that keeps them up at night, and now you are talking!

How’s your sales been going? If it’s not what you hoped for,  how many people do you have in your pipeline that you consistently contact giving valuable information rather than sales talk? It’s often better to reserve a block of time to prospect for new clients rather than about 1 hour per day. Why? Because the shorter amount of time is easier to blow off. Be sure to approach prospects higher up in the organization than you expect to speak to so if you are knocked down a level, you can say the other person recommended you speak with them. Try different sales scripts. See what’s most effective by keeping numbers on your results. Tweak it one bit at a time so you know what elicited a “wow” result.

Any questions? What has worked for you?  Please leave a comment. I would appreciate hearing your thoughts.


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