“First, break all the rules” to become a great manager (per Buckingham & Coffman’s book).

break the rules

The best managers don’t subscribe to the usual thoughts of the time. It’s not the salary, perks or commissions that retain valuable employees. To be an effective manager, one should not work on overcoming staff weaknesses. Does all of this blow your mind?

The superior manager capitalizes on their employees’ skills, talents and “develops people”. Their research lead to the realization that “talented employees need great managers”. They might accept a position within a company based on their leaders, benefits and/or training opportunities. How long they stay and how effective they are relates to their manager or supervisor. You don’t want your special employee taking his talents to his next position which is probably your competitor.

So you might wonder what traits that manager needs. This well-researched book offers “insight into the nature of talent and into their secrets for turning talent into lasting performance”. They discuss individualizing your management style and making it relevant to each employee individually.

Their book lists the 12 questions which are used to measure how your company is running. I suggest you purchase “First, break all the rules” by Buckingham & Coffman to get them and a full understanding of its meaning. Or, “follow” my blog and email me below to get the 12 questions.

Here’s to a more powerful company. Are you ready to look under the hood and examine what kind of environment you are fostering?

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