Do you have a Value Proposition?

value proposition

What does it mean and how do you write one?

You probably heard the two word phrase, “value proposition”. Since it is used often, people appear to lose its true meaning.

According to Keith Eades in his book, The New Solution Selling, “value propositions are simple, clear statements directed at a specific and targeted customer, the quantifiable benefits they can achieve by solving business problems and the investment needed to make this possible”.

How do you develop an effective one? Following his suggestion…

We believe (name of client) should increase (what?) by (percentage) by (doing what?) given the investment of (cost – could be a dollar range).

Note that this is not a guarantee. You create some curiosity from your prospect or client which can lead to the beginning of a sale. It’s good to be questioned about it. Have client stories you can quote (provide testimonials for them). Their questions demonstrate an interest and leads to more conversation about possibilities. Awesome!

Start and finish the discussion with the value your product or service provides. It helps your prospect go in to action. When your value is understood, desire for a price reduction diminishes.

Have you used value propositions in your business? Was it developed differently than what is suggested above? What was the value of doing it?

I would appreciate your responses.

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