Do you know your first step when calling a prospect?

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Where do you start when calling a prospect?

The New Solution Selling book by Keith Eades suggests to really know a company, develop a list of the key people in the organization.  This takes some research but is worth the effort. It allows you to call people by their full name and title.

Next write down what you identified as key things that could keep them up at night (ex: CEO – investors’ expectations are not realized; VP Sales/Marketing-they are not reaching revenue goals expected).

Do a chart for different industries with pain points the primary people could be experiencing.  If one executive is having a problem, it usually affects others. Your chart should demonstrate this clearly (example: if the CEO finds revenue is decreasing, it effects the VP Finance and VP of Sales since goals probably will not be met). You stand out differently when armed with this information. It’s obvious, you have done your homework.

Make sure you are armed with a story that discusses how you helped another executive with the same issue and the results realized. If you do not have this reference, discuss the ROI when this is addressed. These stories should be concise and powerful. The prospect will either direct you to another person in the organization or might state he knows how to tackle this issue himself/herself now.

Accumulating this information beforehand, allows you to be armed for what might develop. It is worth the time and effort.
Have you ever tried anything like this? If not, what are your thoughts or questions when you read this blog? I would appreciate hearing from you.


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