Do you need to lighten up and fly away?

fly away

Sure, it’s difficult when your ‪ small business strategies‬ are not really effective

In my blog of Feb. 3, I discussed your ideal clients.  Here is additional information on how to identify them more easily. The Referrals of a Lifetime, authors Timothy L. Templeton & Ken Blanchard talk about organizing your database to identify your ideal clients. Here’s how it’s done:

Go through your database and assign a letter to each client which easily identifies how often you should contact them.

A’s – These are people who are your cheerleaders. They speak highly of you. They have exceptional regard for your abilities and would refer you right now. This includes family and friends not listed in your database. Your staff might know some too. They probably account for about 10 to 12 percent of the people you are acquainted currently with.

B’s – These are people whom you think are your champions and would refer you if you educated them about how you work. You will want to learn more about them too; be proactive in building an even better relationship with them. If you keep in good contact with them, many will become A’s. This group is harder to identify. It is composed of about 17 to 20 percent of those you know.

C’s – These are the people you are not sure about but still want to communicate with. You might have just met them or spoke with them briefly when introduced or exchanged business cards. They said it was fine for you to contact them. You are not sure they will refer you even after they are educated about you. You are hoping they will, however.

D’s- This is the delete or defer group. Here are the people you should not waste time on. These are people who take a lot of free services but are not serious about becoming your customer. They have no value to you and may, in fact, tarnish your reputation when speaking about you to others.

If you have read this book and applied these principles, I’d like to hear from you. Did this yield positive results? An increase in revenue? If you feel you need additional guidance in implementing this strategy, let’s talk. Or what are your thoughts about this method?


2 thoughts on “Do you need to lighten up and fly away?

  1. this is a really valuable article Ellen. I think it’s important to know which customers to concentrate you are a Hope fun and which customers not to waste time on.


    • Thanks so much for your comment, Gina. I’m glad you found the article valuable and trust you will implement this referral program in your business. Yes, it’s important to know which clients to focus on and which are just not ideal for you. There are enough ideal clients out there when you know how to look. This will translate to more business and less stress.

      Please check back and let us know how this worked for you.


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