What is a “straw man”?

straw man

In New Solution Selling, Keith Eades states it is the “profile for your prospective client”. Having this knowledge enables you to work with that prospect. Also, it helps you have your radar up when one appears.

How do you build a straw man? Utilize your past rewarding experiences, do research and make a profile of what this person looks like. This will enable you to more easily recognize new “straw man” prospects allowing you to be in your sales process state of mind (see other blog posts for information on this topic).

What does your straw man include?

-description of the possible opportunity
-marketing benchmarks (such as size of co., number of employees, industry)
-current challenges
-your ability to match your capabilities to their challenges
-success story if you worked with a similar client

So give thought to your “straw man”.

Please post your thoughts/comments concerning what your “straw man” looks like and perhaps, the value of having one.


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