Who do you have the greatest possibility of serving?


Your current clients! Your current clients know/like and trust you. They are more likely to take
additional products/services from you and refer others (see other blog entry for referral strategy – I also have a powerful systematized referral policy I utilize with my clients). Discover what current challenges are facing them. See if what you offer aligns with their issues or refer them to others. They will “thank you” since you only refer your powerful partners.

Who’s next? Per Keith Eades of New Solution Selling, look for business prospects who are not looking for you. Sound strange? Those who are not looking for you – given the proper educational based marketing approach which includes changing the buying criteria and selling down to you. This foster new business opportunities. You must do some planning to make it a successful call.

Find out…
– Company information – history, mission, any financial reports available to you.
– What makes them unique?
– Information about their market
– Executive staff history/background
– Capabilities and issues (if disclosed – probably need to get challenges on the call)

As much as possible, get to higher level personnel so you don’t have to repeat things or have others interpret what you said which certainly loses a lot in the translation.

Where do you get your background information?
-their website
-Wall Street Journal or Hoover’s Online
-annual reports
-News stories, etc.

You must look for their pain so they have a reason to change. Change is difficult and uncomfortable. You will make it easier. Make certain you align your capabilities to their pain, if at all possible. Discuss someone you helped with this issue as well as the strategy used (without giving away the store).

This will get you started.

More to come…

Let me know your thoughts/comments below please. I would love to hear from you and will respond.


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