Which road will be the one you take for the next ½ year – success or failure?

success_failure_which road

Keith Eades in his book, The New Solution Selling, states that amongst other things, you need a process.

This is a series of specific steps to lead you to a desired outcome. Do you have it – or wing it?

What makes a sales process valuable? You know the next step and have a predictable way to reach your goal. You can also see what steps are not leading to success. Also, you have everyone (or just you if you are on your own) following the same, predictable strategy.

The first part of the sales process is the “customer’s buying process” per Eades. What is this?
-know how people who purchase from you buy not the way you want to sell
(You must adapt your process based on what your service/product is so you “align” with their buying process.)

Then lay out what your selling steps include. Eades states “misalignment with buyers is one of the most critical mistakes in selling”. You need to know why you are doing a specific action. If you don’t, your failure is more than 50%.

Your sales process needs ways to measure its effectiveness (actually, just about everything I do with my clients are measured to determine what is working/what needs to be tweaked). Be sure you have these goal posts in mind and use them consistently.

More on this topic soon.

Do you have a sales process you follow? Let me know what worked for you please.


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