Do you know how much more it costs to get a new client vs. selling something additional to a current one?

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…Actually – it is six times more expensive to get a new client or customer.

Your clients are exposed to a tremendous amount of ads. When this occurs, they forget the other services you offer and can go elsewhere? So then you need to keep getting new clients/customers.

Once the original sale is finalized, you need to keep contacting him/her. Remember – out of sight, out of mind. So how do you achieve this without becoming intrusive or “bothering” them?

In a previous post, I mentioned questions you could ask so you keep in touch with them. You must bond with your client. (I only take clients I enjoy, so bonding is not a problem. Then, I do my best work and the client is thrilled.).

You must have a systematized way to make this happen. By educating them, becoming their trusted adviser, they think of you first. You want to discover their pain and find ways to solve it within your area of expertise (or refer them to someone excellent who can do so and then they will “thank you”).

Be sure to understand your client deeply, be a call they want to take and send them such things as cards, letters, articles of interest, and gifts. If you are a business-to-consumer, retail type of business, explore special possibilities for them (exclusive sales/educational based marketing event -see my other posts for information – and incentives for giving your referrals). Business to business companies can do similar things.

What should you do first? Send them a letter including something personal (example: I enjoyed that story about your son. I have a similar one I’d like to share). Also, compliment them and mention their challenges and how you what you offer can serve them (don’t sell – go from WIIFM = what’s in it for them).

Then complete the letter with a personal touch (example: It was wonderful speaking with you. I have some additional thoughts to move your forward. I will call you soon to discuss them — make sure you do!).

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