What’s holding you back from increased income?


Not implementing the 7th step to every sale. It’s follow-up. The most money is left on the table because people
don’t follow-up in a systematized way.

Not implementing the 7th step to every sale will reduce income. Most people think they are done after the sale is closed. Continued relationships are important.

It’s hard to get the attention of your ideal client. Once you have someone’s attention, you must continue to be visible to them consistently. You want to achieve top-of-mind-awareness even after a sale.

You have other products/services than the one purchased in most cases. Be sure to present them in a way that you are not selling but stating the benefits of your offering. In all cases, you want to remain in their memory (for their purchases & to recommend you as well).

Whenever possible, have a deep understanding of the client so you are aware what articles to send as well as what follow-up letters and calls (scripted are best – then check its effectiveness) etc. Of course, using Educational Based Marketing (discussed in other blog posts & more learning from me) will help you stand out amongst the competition. Perhaps, get them involved by offering a contest.

This 7th step requires a separate blog entry in order to be complete. Chances are you are leaving money on the table because you don’t follow-up sufficiently. No, if you give value, you are not bothering them. Just have an opt-out line at the end of your follow-up info if they prefer not to get it. If they opt-out, don’t be concerned. They were not your ideal client. There are enough people out there who need your products/services.

What procedures do you have in place to follow-up big time? “Follow” my blog so you don’t miss any information and/or contact me to speak personally after answering a few questions to make sure we are a match.

Discussing your thoughts below are appreciated.


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