Without the 6th step to every sale, increased revenue won’t happen!

6th step

The 6th step to every sale is closing.

Most prospects will need help making a buying decision. Sometimes asking a series of questions they respond “yes” to is helpful to get in that “yes” mode (example: Is serving more people something you would like to do? Is having more clients a goal of yours?)

Per Chet Holmes, from The Ultimate Sales Machine best seller, another method is ”assuming the sale” An example would be so what day is best for you to have our sessions? “Should we ship that?”

People need help moving forward at times. Take them out of the drudgery of continuing to shop when they like something.
If it’s something that gives them value, you are serving them. They will enjoy it when received in the majority of cases or return it if they are not your ideal client.

Chet discusses how salespeople are not good at closing due to “weak ego strength or fear of rejection”.
You must believe in what you are selling so you stay in integrity. You could also add on a bonus or a guarantee if that is possible.

See my blog post on doing workshops on closing and answering objections. Role play with each other and preferably, a coach.

Please let me know other techniques that have worked for you.


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