Not knowing the fifth step to every sale can cause you to lose income?

lost money

The hardest objections are the ones you didn’t discover. So that sale can disappear. You must discover the need and go deep on some comments to flush out objections early in the process. Ask your prospects- what would keep them from making a decision? Or, if you would prefer not to be so blunt, first be certain to speak with your ideal client, keep that rapport high (see previous posts), and have a workshop with your staff about what will move your client to purchase your product/service faster? It is best to make closing the logical results of all you discussed previously. Then they offer to buy.

I help my clients change the buying criteria so the usual “money” or “don’t have the time” is not voiced.

Be certain to ask what the problem is costing them, how long have they tried to solve it, and what is the cost of letting this persist (professionally & personally)?

When an objection comes up, always agree with the prospect that it is a valid concern. Then isolate the objection – if we solved that problem – and I’m not saying that we have done so right now – is that the only reason you wouldn’t go forward? For example, money can end up resulting in payment plans, especially when the cost is expected to be recouped later on.

Please leave your comments/thoughts below including what’s worked for you>

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