Are you fumbling because you don’t know the 4th step to every sale?


Please look at my previous posts for the first three steps to every sale. Be sure to review the questions you could ask which increase their need for your product/service from their point-of-view.

The 4th step is to move your prospect to want what you have if it is appropriate for her/him. Do not put this off – you want them to move forward during this 4th step.

Present powerful statistics that make your prospect want to take action NOW. Prospects are more likely to move ahead if they are feeling what is currently happening is not working. Aggressive competition is taking business away from them.

If your ideal clients are fine with how things are currently progressing, motivation to change won’t happen. So making them a bit uncomfortable – so they can more be more successful with the addition of your product/service – is what is needed.

People retreat from problems. Show them the pressing, urgent issue that is causing reduced profits. Then demonstrate how things can be different when they utilize what you have to offer. Desire will be created. Be sure to tell them what things could be like going forward and then the benefits of what you have to offer. Per Chet Holmes, bestselling author of The Ultimate Sales Machine, “features tell, benefits sell”. Don’t tell them what it is, but rather why they need it.

Master Educational Based Marketing to handle the steps to every sale optimally, Contact me for assistance.

Please leave your comments and thoughts about the steps to every sale.  There are 3 more coming soon.


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