Do you know the third step to every sale?

business meeting2

In other posts, you discovered the first two steps to every sale include 1-building rapport and 2-finding the need. What comes next?

Step 3 is build value. People are tired of being sold to each and every day. If you want them to talk with you and/or provide a longer presentation, your chances are diminished if you use the same old strategy of this is who I am/what I sell/why I’m great.

What is needed is to provide them with a real world problem they are facing and discuss it in an educational way. Sure there is a right/wrong way to do this. I can help. Go to my website- and request
my free report discussing how “traditional marketing doesn’t work any more” too.

Previously, we reviewed in this blog, questions to ask your prospects to determine how they make buying decisions. Now, if you have the product or service they need, you build value by becoming their trusted adviser.

In my opinion, the best way to do this is to learn Education Based Marketing (EBM). You need to learn what EBM is, why you use it and how to implement it. Some companies know how to give value but most don’t know how to change the customer’s buying decision or criteria so it favors you. Having a presentation or marketing material that gets them thinking of you as the only viable alternative is the way to go. If they do not decide to go forward with you since they don’t need what you offer now, they certainly might know someone who needs your services since they listened in a way that served them.

Should you want to go forward on your own (working with me is faster, more efficient and effective), here are some things to consider:

Have a meeting (see my notes on effective meetings in another blog post). Have your staff or a happy customers state what makes your product/service a great value. This will allow you to introduce your Educational Based Marketing in a powerful way.

Looking forward to hearing any questions or comments.


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