What’s the second step to every sale?


Step 2 – 7 steps to every sale – qualify the buyer (find the need)
The first of seven steps to every sale was about establishing rapport. Once that is accomplished, find out what they are looking for in relation to your product or service.

Here you need to discover all you can about how they will base their buying decision. Sometimes, you need to change the buying criteria so what you have to offer is the most logical choice.

In his book “The Ultimate Sales Machine” by Chet Holmes, he discusses asking some basic questions so you will make valuable discoveries about your prospect. Some of these include:

  1. How do your customers discover you?
  2. What’s your most effective way of getting new customers?
  3. What’s your average sale? (This should help them see that using your products/services will enable them to make money rather than cost them money given some time).
  4. What are your biggest challenges? How have you tried to resolve them? What made you start in this field?
  5. List 3 top goals for yourself & your company.
  6. How do you decide whether you will buy a product/service like ours? Could be less obvious and say what helps you decide to use ______ (state product/service)?

I role play this with my clients and staff to make sure they are an expert in this vital step.

Also, a question like – what is it costing you to put this goal (initiative) on hold to explore it another day?
You can then ask if they have a calendar available and find a date for them to attend one of your presentations or webinars.

Have you utilized a second step like this one? What were your results? Will these questions be of benefit when you enter the second step of your sales process?

Please let me hear from you. I will respond.


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