5 tips so speaking with angry customers doesn’t end in catastrophe


If you ignore angry comments from your customers, you appear like you are not interested and their feelings are worthless. This can cause people to lose trust in you (which is vital in the phases of prospecting/selling/retention of customers). This can cause things to escalate as well.

Here are 5 tips to reduce these situations…

1. What are you doing to make your prospects/customers feel they are important?
2. Survey and speak with your customers often. Understand their wants and desires. If you have this understanding, you     can respond to difficult situations from a position of strength and knowledge.
3. You might foresee a certain action producing a negative response. Be prepared and have a strategy in place should that materialize.
4. You cannot make everyone happy. Responding and making any change possible ensures you build relationships.
5. Pick your niche (described in another post) and work with those that fuel rather than deplete your energy whenever possible. Yes, there are enough of them!

Your customers are your top priority. Having mutual respect and open lines of communication are paramount to reducing “angry customers”.

Please leave your thoughts/comments below. Let’s have a conversation!


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