Do you have unhappy staff at your business meetings?


As discussed on my Facebook page – – here are the…

5 questions to ask at any meeting-

1-Where’s the agenda? A meeting without an agenda is like a journey without a map. You go in circles and don’t end up where you want. It’s good to send out the agenda via email prior to the meeting.

2-What’s the goal of the meeting? Have a plan solve a problem-come up with a policy and procedure. What is the outcome? (By the way, the word “goal” comes from the Old English word meaning a boundary- know the purpose of the meeting and the end result you are looking for).

3-What’s my role in the meeting?  Every person has a role. One might be to share your ideas or be part of the team, etc. More on this in a later blog post.

4-How should I prepare for the meeting? Should I read or do something beforehand – (ex: make measurable SMART goals in sales. This will be described in a future blog).

5-What do I bring to the meeting? Perhaps it’s your laptop, a binder, just yourself, a good attitude.
These are essential beginning strategies for a productive meeting.

Please write your thoughts/comments below and your experience when this was followed…or not!


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