Are prospects ignoring you?

buying pyramid

I discussed the buying pyramid on my posts.Now what do you do with this information?

Target the 67% (7%+30%+30%-described on my Facebook post- go to – 2/17/15 post). Since these groups aren’t actively looking, if you offer solutions they’ll miss your entire message! You’ve just wasted your marketing resources. They need to be educated FIRST.

This is why your sales process and marketing strategy are a vital part of how you present yourself to the right audience.

Your market education needs to reach out to the other 67% that may not either be thinking about how you can meet their needs, or who think they are not interested in your product or service.

What can you give them, in the form of Market Education that captures their attention, and raises your brand awareness?

What can you teach these groups that might attract their interest, and start moving them UP in the Buying Pyramid to becoming ACTIVE buyers of your products or services?

Educational Marketing drives them up the Buying Pyramid. You don’t sell a product. You are sharing education and creating need, as well as the pain and ramifications of not meeting that need.

Market your business as a provider of solutions to meet needs and not just sell products and services.

Please let me know your thoughts. Write a message or comment here (also “follow” me using button above) and go to my Facebook page – for vital information.


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