Are you like every other shirt on the rack?

clothes on rack

One way to show how you excel and are different from everyone else is to have your customers write a testimonial.

Here’s one easy way to do that in three steps…

1- Before I met “X”, I ….
2- Then when I started working with “X”, I found
3- Now today, I …

It’s good to include an increase in return-on-investment if that is appropriate for your kind of business. Rather than a dollar amount, percentages are useful since each business will yield different revenues based on what they are selling.
If your customer delays in getting this to you (it might be your priority, but not high on their list), have them tell you their thoughts, write it for them, have them edit and approve it. If at all possible, ask if you can put their name and the company name/location on the testimonial. I suggest getting written email permission from them to use it for marketing purposes so it’s not later said it wasn’t granted.

It’s even more powerful if you can have a video having your client explain how you are different from the “other shirts on the rack”.  That is, why go with you for their products or services.

Please write your thoughts and comments below. If desired, include what worked for you.


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