Do prospects tell you they are interested but not now?

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Per my post below on the buying pyramid, 3% of your ideal clients are actively looking for your products or services now (problem being everyone is targeting them-especially the big corporations). When polled, an additional 7% are interested but not looking. The next 30% of your ideal clients on that buying pyramid are interested, but are not in the market right now. So, they put you off. They need you to educate them. They need to know the time to purchase from YOU is now.
For example: a couple has a car with two seats. They are expecting their first child in about 7 months. They know they need to buy a larger car or SUV, but figure they have time to look. Would it be helpful to educate them on how busy they will be right before the baby comes and how uncomfortable the mother-to-be will be so waiting to look for a car might not be wise?

This education will put you in a good position to show up in a favorable light. After that initial feeling, however, they will probably want to shop around. So besides that initial education, you need to provide other data about your vehicles’ safety, etc. so you show you are also an expert in your field. Then, learning how to change the buying criteria so you are the dealer they want to purchase from is paramount. This is the step most people don’t understand or know how to do. I can help.

Stay tuned for more information to discern where the next 60% of your ideal clients fall on this buying pyramid (I discussed the initial 3% looking now and 7% waiting to buy & the next 30% not buying now).

Until then, your thoughts and comments are appreciated below.


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