Do you have enough raving fans?

cheering group
Are you taking any client with a checkbook or looking for those who truly appreciate, value you and refer you to others? Is it hard to specify your best buyers?

Think about the following kind of people:

  • you are excited to speak to them
  • you have a great rapport
  • they buy the most of your products/services
  • they take little time to decide to follow your suggestions
  • are quick to refer you to others since they see your value

I have a client who recently followed my suggestion saying, “well, you haven’t steered me wrong yet”. Have this kind of relationship with your clients. Depending on your field, you might not need a tremendous amount of clients. Just awesome ones who refer to you without hesitation. You will then spend less time marketing. It takes a lot more time, effort and money to find a new client than get one from referral where you already are recommended as a trusted adviser.

Look at your database and divide these clients/prospects according to the info above. I will give you additional ways to do this shortly. Stay tuned! What has worked for you? Please leave me your comments. I will reply.


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