Are you one of the crowd or do you stand out from competition?


A must for any business is to differentiate themselves from the competition. What makes you different? No, not the usual…we care, our product/service is great, etc. Everyone says that. We need to discover how you are unique. Also, research how what you are providing in a product or service is needed by your target audience.

Ask your current clients or perhaps utilize survey monkey. The basic plan is free. You ask a couple of questions and have your current or prospective clients complete it. Give them some kind of “thank you” gift for giving you about 5 minutes of their time (a valuable free report perhaps or $5-$10 coffee gift card). You will get more responses that way (everyone loves freebies).

It’s important to write your questions so they are revealing. What would you ask your clients? I would love to hear your thoughts/comments.


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