Are you afraid to pick a niche because you might lose money?

You are not alone in being concerned about designating a niche. Contrary to what you & many others think, narrowing your focus allows you to market better because you know who to target. You are seen as an expert in a certain field. People prefer experts and will pay more to work with one.
So how do you choose your niche?
Look at such things as…
-age (keep this narrow – about 10 years apart-see below)
-income level
-education level
-other criteria

Start now to develop your niche. For example: I serve married, female, professional business owners ages 40-50 years old who are looking to grow the business by using Education Based Marketing.
(Narrow your area of expertise – just focus on one – you probably have more than one area you teach or have products for but you will get the most responses this way. You can change this later or develop different web pages for a couple of them).

Please send me your thoughts and comments below or send a private email through Facebook – Don’t wait – a business is a terrible thing to lose.


2 thoughts on “Are you afraid to pick a niche because you might lose money?

  1. I’ve perfected the art of the “fit”…when a topic is outside my focal area (or even totally outside my work to date), i discuss the skills i gained and demonstrate how it really IS in your purview. practice is key, esp with someone who know the type of folks you meet in a business world enough to effectively role play and raise thoughtful questions in a mock meeting..

    Ellen, I’ve been reading your blog and it raises a lot of issues we’ve discussed in my still trying to understand how you fit in. Do you do exercises like that or is a session something else?

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    • Thanks for your comments, Cheryl. You write very well and are quite knowledgeable.

      By picking a niche, you know who to market to and where to show up for networking events, what affiliates to pursue, etc. Certainly, you can show someone how what you do fits in to their area of expertise. Right on, Cheryl!

      You asked about how I work with business people. First, I have an initial conversation with a person interested in growing the business or in personal development. We see the impact of working on their challenges and discuss whether moving forward is a good option. If so, we schedule phone sessions which does include education, discussion, role playing if needed and clarification concerning what is holding them back. Many times it is something different then you might think. I work on giving value to my clients. Their return on investment is usually much greater than their payment to me (ask me for testimonials) as long as they implement what is discussed. I’m totally invested in your success. We will do what it takes to get you where you want to go.

      Let’s talk and discuss it more fully. Thanks again for reading my blog and your comments.


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