Five tips to reduce interruptions that cost you a lot of money


What consumes your time and costs you money? Frequent interruptions might be a major barrier to managing your time effectively. Good time management can lead to greater success and happiness in your life. How many of you take work home (or work late if you have a virtual office) because of this? Is that fair to your family or you? You deserve a balanced life.

It was reported that it takes on average 23 minutes to get back to a task once your attention was brought elsewhere. If you multiply this by the number of times this happens, you will be astounded.
In my other blog post, you learned many tips including a “do not do” list? Even with the best intentions, are you getting interrupted? This is costing you money and focus.

Some tips to mange this include:

  • Put boundaries around certain time frames as much as possible. Designate a start-stop time for a certain project. Yes, but you “get interrupted”. Make this designated time very early in the morning, if possible, and tell your staff (or yourself if on your own) what emergencies are allowable to distract you from your purpose. Perhaps a manager can cover for you and you can switch roles later, if needed.
  • Make a list of these interruptions. What policies and procedures need to be developed so others can handle the issues?
  • Allow a certain time for a task with a start and stop time. Set a timer. No cheating allowed! This will enable you to stay on target and focus big time.
  • Products such as Help Desk Software (there’s a free version) or Spiceworks also has a free edition – or even dedicate a mailbox/phone line for employees to leave their questions, ask for help or inform you of important happenings.
  • Always let people know when you will be available (best to schedule the same time each day – as much as possible) and would gladly speak with them. You want to maintain good relationships while building the company even bigger and better by working on the company’s priorities first. This will affect any staff members as well.

Let me know your comments and questions below please. I can help. I’ve done it before.


5 thoughts on “Five tips to reduce interruptions that cost you a lot of money

    • Thanks for reading my blog and for your comment, Bill. Reducing interruptions is essential for business success. “Following” my blog will get you posts whenever they appear. I share a lot of powerful material. Let me know how I can support you. I wish you much success!


    • Thanks for your comment, Sheila. I’m thrilled to hear the “timer strategy” was effective for you. Being more focused and staying on task will enable you to be more productive. You will get so much more done. Stay tuned for many more tips and let me know how they are working for you please.


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