If your presentation doesn’t have a compelling title, no one will show up!


Here are three ways to write a compelling title for your presentation so people to show up:

1) Pick a title that has some pain.  Pain motivates people more than pleasure. You are not being negative. You are going to respond to something that can keep them up at night. How positive is that?
2) Powerful titles include:
-”3 blunders that__ (people you are speaking to) make that keep them feeling stressed overwhelmed and failing to meet the expectations of the company”.
-“3 common mistakes female lawyers make that destroy their credibility and keep them from being promoted”.
-“3 massive mistakes ___ (small business owners – fill in your ideal client- this needs to be specific – if you need more information on this, contact me) make that keep them working crazy hours and feeling overwhelmed”.
3) The title must make the person feel you are talking to them. You must narrow the playing field so you are seen as an expert in your field.

Don’t worry about picking a niche. Most small business owners and managers are afraid they are omitting possible clients. There should be enough people in that niche to sustain you. You can make changes later, if desired.

Take a shot at writing your engaging title. Write what you are thinking below. I will respond.

We will discuss niche later this week.

Please comment below. I will respond as soon as possible. If it serves you, please “like” and “follow” me.


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