Three ways to keep your presentations from falling flat


Do your presentations fall flat? Are people bored and uninterested in another sales presentation and just came for the free lunch? What do you do?

  1. You have to give VALUE first. Solve a problem that the prospect has rather than one you are prepared to give everyone. Don’t worry – later you will discuss your product or service. There is a special, skilled, straight-forward way to make this happen.
  2. You want to start by using a title connected with their pain. People buy more for pain than pleasure. We will discuss this more in another blog post.
  3. You adjust the points you will discuss depending on how much time you have available. If you have 60-90 minutes, start with your #3 point, then #2 then #1. Mention all three are important but the first one could be devastating. So stay alert!

If you are comfortable giving seminars, it’s a great way to get a bunch of your ideal clients in the room at the same time. Chances are greater someone will be interested especially if you present it correctly. If you or a staff member prefer not to speak, this information can be disseminated in other ways. Perhaps, holding back the first point that is devastating for a conversation would be powerful.

My clients find Educational Based Marketing a way to get in front of their ideal clients. More specifics are helpful. You could learn this too.

Leave your thoughts/comments about what I shared so far.


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