Are your sales calls ineffective?


Many business owners/managers/sales people either “wing it” when they call a prospect or have a few pointers they wrote down to discuss their company. Are you going from your agenda to sell your product or service or from the needs of your prospective client?

Certainly, it usually takes a while to establish rapport. Much depends on your geographic location. Personally, I found some owners want to chat/share more than others. This can happen anywhere but many times your community will be different than others. It’s something you need to “feel out”

In a previous post, I mentioned the beginning questions suggested. Once you discover their challenges, find out its impact on them/family (if appropriate). This will help later in the process when you have a discussion about results. Then ask what have they done thus far to solve this issue? What were the results? That will take you to the way to present yourself.

This is a skill I work on with clients because it takes time and knowledge to master. Just getting started on the above will be helpful. Let me know your thoughts/comments below please.



2 thoughts on “Are your sales calls ineffective?

  1. a related skill — knowing how to deal with voice mail. while hanging up was once more of an option, cell phones tend to record your number which complicates things!

    Coach Ellen, do you have an opinion on what to do if you hit a VM during sales calls? Especially on cold calls (easier to leave something on a “warm” call about just checking in etc.).

    I imagine you’d have more precise guidance for a client you know, but wondered if there’s any general advice you can share.


    • Thanks for your question, Cheryl. The first time, it is often better not to leave a voice mail (VM). If you get VM again, leave a message containing a lot of intrigue so they want to call you back. Discuss a few companies you helped and the value they got (great if you can quantify it – example: the ABC Co. increased profits 30% by working with us) and stating 3 possible solutions you solve for similar companies. It’s a great idea to send a letter (or email) first so you can say you have corresponded with them especially if you get a receptionist rather than VM. If just skimmed the person might remember your name and call you back.

      Certainly, it’s better for us to talk and discuss this at length. Send me a message to set that up soon. You could be losing money and time by putting this call off.


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