Spending time on strategies that don’t work?

Many people tell me they go to networking groups to meet new people to build the business. I often ask if any of the people met actually turned in to clients. Often, they are not certain or the answer is “no”.  Why continue to do something that is not yielding a return on time invested? These groups can charge a fee to attend or have membership fees. Are you wasting your time? Sure, some might work for you. Continue those and re-evaluate what you are doing this year.

Other strategies are less time-consuming and usually yield greater results. For example, learning how to do a systematized referral program that works, learning Educational Based Marketing, writing scripts that work for voice mail and client contacts and how to spend your time wisely are just a few.   happy people

If you’d like more information, please let me know. Also, please write a comment below discussing what strategies work for you?


3 thoughts on “Spending time on strategies that don’t work?

  1. Hi Ellen, Michele here. Do you have a suggestion for how best to get your call returned or email responded to from new leads? Thanks “muchly.”


    • Hi Michele,

      Yes, make what your offering irresistible and a bit mysterious. Having the right “script” as I wrote in my post is necessary. That takes testing – try different ones out and see what gets the best response. I help my clients work on this so they are more successful.

      I hope that gets you on the right track.



  2. I thought the uncertainty conveyed in the “No” was well-placed. People forget where they meet folks.

    A tip from a former employer’s marketing department was — Upon leaving an event, instead of just throwing the business cards into a file (or into Contacts…or, for higher ups, having your assistant do so), write the name of the event and a few details (i.e. “talked about her work on the Town Centre Mall project and my related work on the Grant Street stripmall”, “originally from Boston”).

    (aside…related thought that got long, sorry to blog owner if off track) !’m not sure if there might be legal issues that would arise from writing down physical descriptors. In some cases it is definitely a no-no like someone in hiring writing details about a potential job seeker’s age or things that might relate to race. But if it is truly a personal file, it would be a major help to a face-forgetter like me for recognizing them if I had a future meeting at their company to jot down a few notes along the lines of “long dark hair, small mole on left side of neck. Though web searches can help so if you don’t know and there’s no legal/HR person to ask, veer on the side on not including it.


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