Are you overwhelmed by so many books and content?

So much to read…so little time. Are you on over-load?

It’s difficult to determine how to spend your valuable time.  Even the big names in your field have a lot of information out there? Certainly, some material is very pertinent to your specific business and others will give you a foundation to become a great business owner.  I suggest you consider a phenomenal book that will give you the basics.  Previously, I recommended Chet Holmes’ Ultimate Sales Machine (yes, I coach for this national & international firm but do not get a kick-back from these recommendations). It’s just chock full of useful information.

If it’s time to understand your financials and how management makes the decisions that lead to the activities that determine business success, consider this small, but powerful book – “The Ultimate Blueprint for an Insanely Successful Business” by Keith Cunningham.

I use these books when I coach my clients because they are superior. I hope you find them powerful as well.

Please let me know your thoughts after devouring them.  Any additional comments are igloo


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